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Our godfathers and our partners

Mr Christian Poncelet, President of the French Senate

Interested by our work with the children and touched by the message of hope which we want to transmit, the president of the Senate granted his high patronage to us.

Mr Jacques Séguéla, vice-president of Havas Advertising, first turn of the world in 2CV in 1958

Below the answer of Jacques Séguéla to our request of sponsorship:

Hello brothers,
I always thought that the large companies were, if they wanted not to lose the affection of their consumers, to begin in the large combat of XXIè century. And with the 1st Chief that of Water.
If my sponsorship can help you, it is with you.
Jacques Séguéla

Follow-up of a letter of encouragement:

Hello the Adventure,
You will be already on the way when this letter arrives to you, but my thoughts are already with you enters the gear shift lever and the accelerator.
It is a little my youth which you carry in your luggage.
Make in good use.
Jacques Séguéla

Aéroports de Paris - Maison de l'Environnement
Airports of Paris - House of the Environment

The water classes immediately challenged the House of the Environment of the Airports of Paris. In its concern of communicating with its residents ADP decided to support "Hydrotour". In order to make take part the bordering children in our adventure and to sensitize them on water in this international year of fresh water.

Thank you to Mr Michel-Claude Lorriaux who lent much attention to our project and then decided to support us financially.

KSB, specialist out of pumps, valves and fittings and more..., permanently develop new solutions to help the men, in the whole world, with better controlling the cycles of clean water and worn water.

For this reason KSB, partner of "Hydrotour", fully supports the initiative of Geoffroy and Loïc de La Tullaye, active witnesses and diffusers of innovating practices aiming at supporting the access to water and its safeguarding on the scale of planet.

Grenoble Ecole de Management
Grenoble School of Management

Concerned of the future of its students the EM Grenoble immediately believed in the Hydrotour project. It supported us and encouraged in the organization of our initiative of the beginning to the end.
During our tour we will organize in partnership with association S.O.S of the school a water class with all children of the primary school Anthoar.

The blow of sending of our project was given on June 23, 2003 of the square of the school with the whole of our partners and of the school establishments of the Rhone-Alps Area which follow us.

A large mercy consequently with all the people of the EM Grenoble who lent life to the project: Mr Thierry Grange chair of Grenoble school of management and Reda Rahal directing for their active support since 1 year; Mr Yannick Chatelain responsible for associations, it knew to motivate around the project the students of Planets and S.O.S; Mrs Anne-Laure Oudinot of the external communication, it occupied herself of din mediatic…

Thank you also to the supports of unquestionable professor, Mr Barring Jerome, professor of strategy, Mr Rahim Bah, professor of finance, Caroline Gauthier, professor under development durable, and with all the pupils of the school, comrades of promotions and friends.

Michelin Edition du voyage
Michelin Edition of the voyage

Small favourite among our partners, the Editions of the voyage are the very first ones to have supported to us. So that Hydrotour always takes the best road, they provide us the whole of the charts and guides necessary to the tour.

They were also very receptive with our project with the young people. They enable us to offer a chart of the world to each school partner of Hydrotour.

Thank you to Mr Gonzague de Jarnac directing for the communication and to his assistant Mrs Béllanger.

Hypromat - Eléphant Bleu

 With 68% of spontaneous notoriety Eléphant Bleu is at the head of the signs in term of image near the motorists. These figures are not the fruit of the chance but well of the application of a severe environmental policy where the final customer is recipient. To make water today the priority of the durable development, such is their ambition.

Hypromat sponsorise us in order to support us in our step near the young people, true actors of the durable development in their eyes.

Great thanks to Mr Yves Brouchet, energetic general manager of Hypromat, which integrated us from the very start with the policy of communication of the group and advised us efficiently for our communication.

Weight Watchers

 The company Weight Watchers is happy to give its support for the project classifies water. Allured by our project water classifies and to encourage us in this step towards the Young people, it buys 8 photographs to us on the topic of water.

Great thanks to Mr Philippe Becquet, director of Weight Watchers Europe.

Conseil Général des Yvelines
The General Council of Yvelines

Touched by our implication with children of the commune of the Mesnil-le-Roi and Maisons-Laffitte, the general council granted us a purse.

SGS Bureau Nivelles

Bureau Nivelles is a company member of the General Company of Monitoring where Loïc worked during the year which preceded our departure. It is especially work with the children and our implication in the field of water who have more with the director Alain Verhoyen.

Major actor in the safety of the people, Bureau Nivelles is in Belgium the company of controls and the inspections of the technical installations. For this reason they are accredited for the control of the adventure playgrounds

Great thanks to all the personnel for his moral support and to Alain Verhoyen for his financial assistance.

OTU Le voyagiste des étudiants
OTU the tour operator of the students

Allured by our adventure around the world, OTU the tour operator of the students decided to help us in his field, the voyage. Thanks to their generosity we will fly away towards the other end of planet at the time of our change of continent.

Thank you to Xavier Bodart, administrator, who agreed to receive us and take an action pursuant favorable to our request.

Doummar Frères

Thank you to the Doummar Family and more especially in Jean who offered 10 days of hotel to us in Lebanon and who organized our stay there.


Delphus is a Belgian non-profit-making association invested in the safeguarding of the environment by publicity campaigns. It is interested in particular in the marine environment in which the Dolphin evolves/moves. Delphus is our relay in Belgium near the schools of the commune of Kraainem.
Contact Mr Vincent Gautier

Families and Friends

How not to mention the unconditional support of our family and our friends. All took part in one way or another, and much very nicely gave us money. If we had not made of it mention by before it is not for lack of recognition are into sure, it is just a little for lack of organization (not to say time).
Here thus the list of our Merry givers:

Tanguy et Elvire de La Tullaye (our parents).
Marie-Gabrielle et Olivier de Bondy (our sister and brother-in-law).
Roland et Hortense de La Tullaye (our brother and sister-in-law) et their fundation Eyallut (Web site).
Eric Moraillon, Romain et Maëlis de Sèze, Blanche de Rosier, Laure-Anne de Moncuit, Francis de La Mettrie and Florence Ciavatta, Jean Le Hardy de Beaulieu, Noëlle Greindl, Nadja Bazec, Sophie Priet, Alain Teitelbaum, Alexis de Montigny, Augustin and Virginie Becquet, Edouard Asselin, Agnès and Louis Vaujour, Arnould Roberti, Mister and Mrs Ombrédanne, Bérénice Regout and of course, Sophie de Pimodan.

A very particular mention for our hosts:
Our parents (in Mesnil-Le-Roi), Emmanuel and Sibylle d'Hardemare (in Grenoble), Rupert Wolfe Murray (in Buhcarest), Jérôme and Agnès de Guigné (in Istanbul), François Jossart (in Beirut), Mister and Mrs Marc de Schoutheete (in Amman), Doctor Anas (in Cairo), Mister and Mrs Gerhard Schwarzbach (in Alexandria), Father Etienne Renaud (in Khartoum), Xavier Gonzales (in São Paulo), the Heredia family (in Roboré, Bolivia).
Who offered to us the lodging and cover as well as access Internet during one two and sometimes nearly three weeks.

Thank you to you all

We will frequently update this list so that all those which help us appear here in our means of communicating with you.

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