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The Hydrotour Association

Its Aims

Hydrotour was set up as a non-profit making body under French law:

1. To promote the concept of sustainable development at all levels of responsibility, in order to stimulate collective thought in this battle for life and future generations.

2. To help with the financing of research and partnership projects on the questions and challenges related to water: its use, treatment, consumption and storage, throughout the world.

3. To collect, relay and disseminate information and testimonies on the theme of water and sustainable development, via its internet site.


Its Approach

The Hydrotour Association has a grassroots approach based on the European Union's subsidiarity principal that keeps decision-making as close as possible to those whose lives it is supposed to improve. It tries to put into practice the idea that each human being is, at his or her own level of responsibility, to be the drop of water that will lead to progress.

As you will have understood, there is nothing revolutionary behind our association. It is the outcome of a wish, a will and an aim, put together to make a project: to prove that the key to the early reversal of human and environmental degradation is through commitment at all levels of responsibility.

Two brothers, fascinated by Mankind's Earth, set up the Hydrotour Association to embark on a world tour of adventure to meet the challenge of water. They will travel for 14 months to the four corners of the world, by car, bus, train, motorbike, on foot or even on horseback, to encounter those women and men who, confronting catastrophic situations, have refused to give up.

They set off with two goals in mind:

  1. To organise educational classes on water.
  2. To disseminate information on projects of water associations encountered during their expedition

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