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July 05, 2003

Slovenia, village of Sveti Peter

Histoiry of a source


July 16, 2003

Romania, town of Bucarest

Discussion with Mr Chiru, Apa Nova (Véolia)


July 18, 2003

Romania, town of Tulcea

Visit of a treatment plant, S.C. Acet S.A. Tulcea (public)


July 19, 2003

Romania, Danube, village of Patlageanca

Consumption of the water of the Danube by the inhabitants of the Delta


August 5, 2003

Lebanon, Beirut, District of Ber Hassan

A family and water in an illicit district


August 8, 2003

Lebanon, Beirut, Ministry for the Hydraulic and Electric Resources

Rencontre avec Jaber Bassam
L'eau au Liban et un espoir de paix pour le partage des eaux.


8 et 14 août 2003

Liban, Beyrouth, Université Americaine

Meet with Jaber Bassam
Water in Lebanon and a hope of peace for the division of water.


August 14, 2003

Lebanon, Village of Wasta in the South of Sidon

Project PARD: To build and especially educate


September 1, 2003

Jordan, Village of Dana on the Road of the Kings

Project of CARE: Water for a village


September 14, 2003

Egypt, Aswan district of El Gozira

A family in the suburbs of Assouan

Woman and man

September 28, 2003

Egypt, Town of Assouan, school

To let sing the water which sings

Teacher and children

October 14, 2003

Sudan, Khartoum, Ministry for the irrigation and the water resources

Meet with Abedella Seifeldin: Water in Sudan, peace on the Nile


October 15, 2003

Sudan, Khartoum, Block 27, district of moved

Meet with ACF: To make a project autonomous

Expert / Voluntary

November 11, 2003

Sudan, Ghubeish, in raised savanna

LThe baobab tree, a true tower water


November 14, 2003

An animal in the desert

The dromedary, in addition to travelling


November 16, 2003

Water, far from the Nile in Sudan

Project CARE (water and development) in Kordofan


December 20, 2003

Brazil, the North-East of São Paulo along Tietê

Water in the favela of Large Laying

Man and woman

December 21, 2003

Brazil, São Paulo

Projet Tietê or how to save a river?


December 30, 2003 and January 10, 2004

Brazil, Corumbá and Paraguay, Rio Negro

Use of water in favela and open country


January 19, 2004

Bolivia, National park of Sajama

To feed out of water a village with 4200m of altitude

Prefecture and ONG

January 21, 2004

Bolivia, La Paz

Melt National of Productive and Social Investment of Bolivia

National institution

January 27, 2004

Peru, Cuzco, Margen Derecha

Collective administration of water

Private collective institution

January 29, 2004

Peru, Cuzco

Bilateral co-operation Peru-Switzerland

Organization between 2 nations

January 31, 2004


Water in the Andean culture



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