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"Want-capacity "

... a common will, a thirst for adventure, the taste for danger, one ounce of unconsciousness and naivety can be, not badly of tenacity, and especially much of hope in the Man and the Life Two brothers indeed different, one year to do the utmost of it, an accumulation of ideas and projects potential, closed doors, the other large ones opened, saliva, much of saliva. Then comes time from insomnia and the cold sweats nourished by this throbbing question: will be us, yes or not, with the height to conclude such a company? And, to finish, go to the obviousness that the great ideas and the great projects are born from nothing and are due in general to a thin wire which guides the destiny of our lives: "want-capacity".

For much this forwarding raises of the furious madness, for others an occasion to fight at our sides by lending strong hand for such or such préparatif to us, for others still the possibility of making grow a project...

The secrecy seems it is to believe in it, believe, and especially to be believed. "Because only, the stone does not have a hope to be other thing only stone. But to collaborate, it is assembled and become temple ".

Ca is there, this time it is for good, all is avoided for the departure, plus any obstacles nor aucunes fear do not seem to be in measurement to stop us.

Water full with grace, our guide you will be.
Ahead all!

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