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Me Tarzan, You Jane ?


Houba, Houba !



When he was 2 teeth (roughly 18 months old) it one was already bitten of adventure, nothing did not stop it even its park with toys. Faithful to its other passion, the Earth, it very quickly undertakes a career of agricultural engineer at the University of Louvain in Belgium. Although strongly implied in the various commissions and student's associations which make its university, it finds time necessary to join the useful one for the pleasant one: Scotland (6 months), Spain, Romania, Denmark, and even Argentina during one year, to finalize there its report of end of studies. Result here it is the trilingual one.
The diploma out of pocket, it is called up for the military service as Officier Instructor in Sheepskin with Carpiagne. It is the time of the large epopees in Tartarin, on its beautiful Leclerc tank.
The page of soldiering turned, it encases the step at Altran as a consultant. It learns art there from famous "To Do List", and is made appreciate by its customers for its competences in control of work. Always eager to advance the things and avid challenges, it does not hesitate a second, when Helvète SGS in Belgium, proposes to him to come to restructure their commercial cell.
Thus, within sight of its past in the cavalry and of its environmental matter technical skills, it will open the way of water to us! But especially, because of its pragmatism, it will be Mister "To Do List" of our tour.



He forms part of "small" i.e. in our family of 4 children, of the two last. He is thus four years old less than me et… 10 cm more (in height, but also in width, épaisseur…)
Around twelve years it left for a long voyage which ended only at the end of Co Grenoble Sup. In pension in Mans then in Rouen. In prépa in Paris then in Nantes. In school in Grenoble then in Austria, we had very to often see us.
Then as if that were not enough during the great holidays, Geoffroy managed to reconcile "Jobs of summer and Voyages". And that gave: Germany, Tunisia, Ireland à.vélo and even the crossing of the USA in a Pontiac old woman.
Baited worker, it wanted to know the world of the company before the hour thanks to one year of alternation as moneychanger in trading room of the rates and the exchanges. For its last year of school it chooses a "studious voyage": ERASMUS in Austria during one year.
One fine day, he says to me "I want to make a turn of the world, you come? But not like that, with a true project! "
For this tour which it prepared 7 months full-time, it will have the cap of the negotiator and the financial analyst. It will be there to give the project on the rails when we are mislaid. He will be also the sportsman able to carry me on his shoulders when I am tired…!

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