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This site has been translated with a software. It can be that there are a lot of translation problems. We apologize for that, but now we do not have time to do it. If someone wishes to help us, it can make it correcting everything and sending the files by email. Thank you very much.

Here we are... in Japan, we always have data-processing problems, the computers do not seem to appreciate displacements and we can nothing any more send (thus impossible to modify the site). After a short stay in Brazil we travelled by a plane for New York then for Tokyo. We had 12 hours a time shift and a voyage of almost two days. Here we will see which practices the Japanese set up to save water.


With immediately, Geoffroy and Loïc

Latest Adventures

Three weeks with my two Hydrotrotters who are my sons (1):
It is decided, the plane ticket is taken, I leave this 23 January for La Paz in Bolivia I join my two there wire Hydrotrotters. They had proposed to me to accompany them during a part of their tour around the world...

Three weeks with my two Hydrotrotters who are my sons (2):
About midnight all is arranged, we arrive finally at the customs of Chile. There, the reception is pleasant, the visas will be filled by the chief of station. It comes to say to me hello...


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Latest faces of water

Peru : Margen Derecha or collective administration of water

Peru : Swiss bilateral co-operation, importance of the social one

Peru : Water in the Andean culture

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Our last photographs

Album 18 : Bolivia II (2nd passage). The National park of Sajama

Album 19 : Bolivia III. La Paz and the visit of the site of Tiwanaku

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