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Album 19 - Bolivia III

Caution! A llama could spit you with the figure...

A tomb dating from Incas on the edges of road. Between Sajama and La Paz.

A small village of irreducible, which points out that of our Breton heroes extremely.

Young people, living the favelas located on the heights of Paz.

A street of Paz with in background the most beautiful mountain of the world (according to a certain guide): the Illimani colossus. Damage, for the photograph it did not make beautiful signal

Another sight of Paz. One sees well on this photograph that the city is suspended in the vacuum. The city is staged between 3200 and 4100 meters of altitude. Attention La Paz is not the capital of Bolivia, still today it is Sucre. It is thus not the highest capital of the world...

Yep ! The weather is wet by here.

By leaving La Paz, we were surprised by the rise of water. Cows too.

A family of the corner which explained us the reasons of this flood.

On the site of Tiwanaku (towards the lake Titicaca), the ones had fun to play Pass-Wall...

...others to be based in the decoration. And it is not besides very resembling...

A statue of Tiwanaku civilization. One a long time believed because of these statues, that this civilization had Polynesian origins. This theory was contradicted. Tintin and the Temple of the Sun seems to be more exact...

A chief of work of art Tiwanaku

In Bolivia many are still the farmers who turn over their fields with a ploughshare and two oxen.

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