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Means of transport

During their tour we will borrow successively various means of transport adapted to the specificity of the crossed continents.

The car:


Special dedication here with Mr Philippe Moreau pastrycook of Compiegne which made us a beautiful reduction on its beautiful Acadyane to support our action.

A little history:
The first studies of Acadyane start in May 1965. They are the designers of PANHARD recently absorptive by CITROEN, Louis Bionier and his assistant Rene Ducassou, which in a few weeks will make the draft of project AY (code name of the Acadyane future). The schedule of conditions is simple even mechanical and base that the 2 cv… not insane mechanics !

A simple description:
Acadyane is a light van two places sold with a kit of assembly for the engine:
Take mowers, then a second, add there brakes to make illusion, a clutch for the feelings and négligemment put the whole under a cap. You flat obtain famous two-cylinder motor of 602cm3 and a power of 35 CV. Fortunately for us, Cameroun it is the door at side, especially when one selected to pass by Close Orient…

And his/her small daughter, Adrienne 2 for the ones (Geoffroy by ex) or Bubule for the others (Loïc by ex)

Special dedication to Jacques Séguéla and his friend Sergio Habib who allowed us to have this splendid car.

A simple description:
C3 is a computer around whose Citroen put four wheels, an engine and a body with the enough successful line.

The engine is a small monster since it develops 110ch and the rather powerful computer that to give us a reader CD, the clim (which we seldom light by preoccupations with an economy) and all small approvals such as the electric panes, etc.
In short luxury and still of the luxury, you do not worry for us, one not made there quickly...


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