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Africa Trek
They are married, they are walkers, they are also a little loonies. During 3 years they decided to go up the African Rift with feet.
We crossed them by chance in Sudan in their 11327ème km nearly 3 years after their departure of South Africa.

From Germany to the Cape of Good Hope by bycicle. It is the challenge of couple germano-Polish which we met in Egypt with Abu Simbel and with which we travelled during 15 days.

Eau Tour du Monde
Another turn of the world on the same topic and also working with the children. Another approach of the water different from our since seen by women who deserves also a visit.

Old on "Hydraulique sans frontière" (Hydraulics without Borders), it decided to make a turn of the Latin America in the search of initiatives in favour of water. We have the same topic but undoubtedly a different approach, its site thus deserves your visit.

To make a turn of the world to the meeting of the pioneers of the durable development such is the objective of Sylvain and Mathieu. They left at the same time as and just like return to us at the end of August 2004 of their peregrination us. Sheer coincidence!
Their Internet site rather more than is well made...

Anglo-Saxons in Land-rover, nothing more astonishing! We met them and accompanied during 10 days by Wadi Halfa in Khartoum. We are very grateful to them of the assistance that they brought to us at the technical level and we laughed especially well with them.

A couple of Belgian pédaleurs of our friends, left in direction India. A beautiful human adventure à.vélo that they make us divided on their site.

The other Web sites which deserve interest:

ONG international fighting against poverty met we them several time in Sudan and in the town of Ghubbeish where they developed a project for water gave we to them our car.

Dominican in Peru
Site of Christian Duc who devotes much time and energy in particular with young people of the prisons Bolivian. It requires for assistance for the rebuilding of its site, do not hesitate to contact it if you are WebDesigner.

International center of Water and the Cleansing whose mission is to help the inhabitants of the countries in the process of development to obtain systems of financially viable water and cleansing

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