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The hydrotour project

Context : An ambiguous water

A water vector of death … :

Though sign of life,

  • water kills 15 000 people per day, that is 10 more times than the direct victims of the war…

Water is also synonymous with segregation,

  • 1.5 billion human beings have not any direct access to this "invaluable" liquid
  • 2 to 3 billion people suffer from chronic diarrhoeas, for lack of a suitable medical network.

… A water source of hope:

  • Companies, Associations and ONG carry out to the four corners of the world a daily combat for the life and against the plagues of water.
  • Sign of a change in mentalities, our leaders start to become aware of the extent of the challenges of water.
  • The year 2003, one year devoted "year of fresh water" by UNO

Our project was born from a report and a paradox:

The report,

"water it is the life". It is the centre piece of an immutable hydrological cycle which must be respected and protected in order to ensure the development of the human activity durably. The access to a healthy water is recognized unanimously like a right as human being by the Committee of the United Nations

The Paradox,

Today water is subjugated by the Man with a contradictory service

  • He to provide a healthy liquid in a durable way
  • To introduce the whole of its waste and rejections.

From the equation for a durable development:

  • Right to Water = Right of water


Organize water classes: Give a face to water

  1. To take along the young people with us in our tour in order to offer a vision of water to them on an international scale
  2. To make become aware with the young people of their impact on water and the means which they have to act.

Go in contact with the actors of water:

with the source of the hope

  1. Seek initiatives with success and to make echo of their concrete contributions.
  2. Collect testimonys of hope of men, women and children on paper, or audio and video.

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