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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

When have you decided to leave?

The idea to make a turn of the world did not come to us the day at the following day. However we have really to decide to leave on May 1, 2002. Can be that the famous saying is there for something "In May does what it you plait… "or this was can be the fresh air of spring and the buds in the trees. Who knows?

How much have you bought your car?

Thanks to the generosity of a pastrycook of Compiegne to the retirement, Mr Moreau, we bought our superb Acadyane at a completely attractive price, 800 euros.

How much e-mail sent to prepare this tour?

The fact that the mall presents many advantages on the traditional mail that it is not very expensive, instantaneous, and that it avoids displacement and the strikes makes that we misused it. Over 7 months of intense preparation we sent 4000 malls, without counting the sending of more than 100 plates (of presentation of our project) by the post office.


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