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Album 18 - Bolivia II

Traditional installation in front of the panel of the Bolivian border. We are with 4600m of altitude.

With 4200m of altitude to the foot of the second highest mountain of Bolivia, in the national park of Sajama, four small villages have a splendid church baroque like this one.

The remainder of the village all in painted adobe is also surprising.

Tally of presentation for C3.

We missed right our sombreros and our guns of money and we were the new heroes come to save the widow and the orphan.

Go! A small passage of ford to maintain the form. If you are wise one will make a hot river.

Would this be too hot?

Always in the national park of Sajama, of the sources of hot water and the Geysers not very spouting out.

A house in adobe of the village of Sajama, with the foot of the Volcano of the same culminating name with 6520m. The adobe has the Na advantage of not conducting the heat (here cold), contrary to cement. Useful at the time of the nights of winter for -30°C.

Bolivian very has splendid black hair which is often gathered in two long braids among women out of traditional dress.

Bubulle which is played it advertizing in Volvic: "A long ago, the volcano had dreamed to make leave its crater a small drop...... "

do not know any more where one is, but one poses.... Ah if! Behind us the splendid Volcano Sajama, it is nevertheless him it star.

A small sheep-fold (does it of it is for spangled but I do not know how said) in the plain with the foot of the Volcano. The wool and the meat of LAMA are the only productions of the villages, which suffer already from overgrazing.

Here a specimen of the highest forest of the world which stops with 5000m. Strapping man!

Interior court of a house of today on bottom of movie screen. The volcano pointed out a little the mountain to us of a famous Hollywood company.



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